IOL | After Your Stay

Our health care team is committed to making your stay with us as safe. In order for this to happen we are asking you and your family to partner with us so we can provide you with the best possible care.

Partners in Care

Please take a moment to read this list of ways you can contribute to your healthcare plan.

  • Ask your caregivers to confirm their identity and yours before they administer medications or initiate treatments.
  • Ask questions about your daily goals, tests and discharge plans.
  • Our goal is to facilitate your discharge by.m. Please help us meet this goal by arranging for transportation in advance.
  • Make lists of questions to help you get all the information you need.
  • Request assistance getting out of bed or walking if you feel weak or are getting up for the first time after a procedure or surgery.
  • Tell caregivers about the medications and / or herbal supplements you are taking and your home routine for taking them. Be sure to include any allergies or reactions to medications or food.
  • Ask us to review your current medication orders and explain any changes we have made. Speak up if a situation seems out-of-the-ordinary.
  • Clarify all discharge instructions with your caregivers.
  • We ask that you choose one spokesperson as a contact to communicate with the hospital.

You may require skilled nursing when you are discharged from the hospital. That care may be provided at a rehabilitation facility or at home with nursing services from a home care agency.

Your physician and members of the team can help you determine if you will likely require any of these services. You are encouraged to be an active participant in your discharge plan. You may visit rehabilitation facilities and home care agencies prior to your admission if you anticipate requiring these services.

Please tell your surgeon prior to your admission any needs you might have. You may contact your case coordinator early in your hospital stay to discuss your discharge plan at 860.972.1475 or at extension 21475 (from any hospital phone).

Your physician and members of the healthcare team will make every effort to keep you informed regarding your discharge date. You may not see your physician on the day of discharge. You may be discharged by one of the resident doctors or a mid-level practitioner who has been with your physician and monitoring your progress.

Certain medical conditions, VNA services and skilled nursing facility placement needs may alter your discharge time, please check with your nurse or case coordinator to determine your individualized discharge time.

When the doctor decides you are ready to leave the hospital, a discharge order will be written.

Personal Belongings

Collect all of your belonging and double check closets and drawers.If you have a pink shows you have valuables stored in our hospital safe, please let your nurse or patient care assistant (PCA) know so they can retrieve your valuables.