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Quality is at the Core of Our Mission

Top-quality healthcare and patient safety are central to everything we do. Part of our mission is that "quality and safety of care are a constant" – that means adhering to evidence-based standards of care and always putting patient safety first.

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Annual Patient Safety and Quality Plan

Hartford Hospital and The Institute of Living (IOL), are committed to providing clinical quality second to none. The IOL is also an entity of HHC’s BHN, or Behavioral Health Network. Hartford Hospital’s Annual Quality and Safety Plan provides a conceptual blueprint of how Hartford Hospital leadership, staff and physicians continuously assess and improve its performance and outlines the specific strategic initiatives for improvement for FY 2023. This document does not duplicate the information in that Plan, but provides the priorities for patient safety and quality at The Institute of Living. Along with the Quality and Safety Plan at Hartford Hospital, the IOL’s quality initiatives are guided by the priorities of BHN Leadership.

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Quality & Safety Annual Report

Performance Measures

We are dedicated to providing patients and healthcare providers with up-to-date information on our performance, as measured by process-of-care benchmarks established for hospitals nationwide by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Quality and Safety Improvement Efforts 

We have initiated multiple quality-improvement efforts with the goal of improving patient safety and medical outcomes as we provide compassionate, appropriate and efficient care.

Quality Resources for Patients and Families

We have joined with other hospitals across the U.S. in efforts to improve performance. We provide links to some of the organizations that require or encourage patient safety and quality efforts.


Clinical Care Playbook

Hartford HealthCare Clinical Care Redesign Program Playbook

With the changing healthcare landscape, organizations are being tasked to rethink the way they deliver care with the goal of optimizing outcomes and reducing costs.  Hartford Healthcare (HHC) has identified care redesign as a strategic priority and has launched the Clinical Care Redesign (CCR) program. The CCR program utilizes quality outcomes to determine opportunities to improve performance, reduce clinical variation, and reduce cost of care in specific service lines.  

To successfully execute this program, a comprehensive, yet manageable playbook has been developed to guide clinical teams to successful implementations of industry best practices. This playbook is a “how-to” guide for clinicians, leaders, project managers and multi-disciplinary teams.  The playbook breaks up an otherwise daunting world of clinical process improvement into practical phases, simple tools, checks and balances using a step-by-step approach. The playbook includes flexible processes, timelines and templates to facilitate a hardwired and repeatable process.

Download the Clinical Care Playbook